Scope and objectives

    • Presentation of the position of Polish geographers on the basic problems of geography in the field of scientific research, relations with the economy and others;
    • Implementation of the statutory obligation to represent the geographic community in Commissions, Committees, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles, the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development and others;
    • Assessment of the organizational, scientific and personal development of geographers and scientific journals in the field of geography;
    • Working out a position on the place of geography in the science system;
    • Developing a list of research priorities for Polish geography; Initiating interdisciplinary research problems and scientific syntheses;
    • Raising the rank of Polish geography through wider dissemination of research results and the possibility of their use;
    • Assessment of the state and place of geography in the system of primary, secondary and higher education;
    • Organization of problem seminars, national and foreign geographic workshops and bilateral conferences (including Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-German and others);
    • Organization of the Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union in Krakow in 2014; Organization (every 2 years) of the “Forum of Polish Geographers” conference. Continuation of the publication of the Forum of Polish Geographers;
    • Efforts to affiliate the Committee of Geographical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences with a nationwide geographic journal;
    • Cooperation with heads of geographical units, scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences and scientific societies;
    • Initiating the organization of geographical consortia (also of an interdisciplinary nature);
    • Initiating invited lectures, research internships for young researchers;
    • Appointment of the Committee and Teams of the Committee on Geographical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the purpose of the Committee’s program activities.
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